Company Profile   Guangzhou Sunshine Food & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest-scale professional manufacturer of edible frying oil filters in China . We provide high quality frying oil filters, solutions, and efficient post-sale services to a wide range of customers around the world. We have a fast growing customer group which covers more than 30 countries and regions.  There are full of design and execute experiences about edible frying oil filter we have. From 1992, we had been to deal with the research and development of it. The first edible frying oil filter was made in 1994, and we haven not given up to improve the performance of our production and extend the scope of application according to the market still now. Nowadays the Sunshine edible frying oil filters series has developed to fifth production with three types, ten models. In order to insure the Sunshine edible frying oil filter achieving nicer filter efficiency and still work normally under any conditions, we pay more...

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